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DataWatch is an ISAPI Filter that records all raw data requests and raw data writes between the client and the web server.

The original purpose of DataWatch is to analyze what was sent between the client and server for WebService requests.

Each read and each write are stored in individual files.This can create a lot of files.
DataWatch can be enabled or disabled by changing the "active" setting in its INI file.

Install and Usage


Place the DLL in any location. Then using the IIS Admin tool, add the DataWatch.dll filter to the master WWW Service. Important, the filter will not work if you install it under a web site - it must be installed under the Master WWW Service.

MSoft Documentation:
Filters that register for the SF_NOTIFY_READ_RAW_DATA event must be assigned at the Web service level. They cannot be assigned to an individual Web site.


Restart IIS to load the Filter. This is because IIS will not load the filter after you installed it, it will only load it on startup.

DataWatch will create subdirectories when first run. One of them will be a settings directory, inside that directory will be a settings.ini file. Open that file and change the active value to 1, by default it is 0. Your done. To disable DataWatch, change the active value back to 0.

The other directory will be named DebugLog, that is the directory where all the files will be created. Each file will be prefixed with a number to show the sequence they were created.

Now, access the website and you should see files get created.