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Current Version is 2.2-T3
ISAPI Extension Debugging Host
$39.99 (ISAPI Loader Included)

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Host your ISAPI DLL under an EXE for easy debugging.
Debug your DLL under different user accounts to help catch security problems.
Can be used to host ISAPI web service dll's (but you must have your own client).
No configuration of web server required.
No attaching to your web server process.
No restarting of your web server between debugging sessions.
Use a remote or local web server to handle requests, reflects WebServer behaviour.
Windows or IIS version changes are not likely to effect your ability to debug.
ISAPI Loader included for deployment of your dll.

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Debug ISAPI Extensions


This product was originally developed for my own use after not being able to debug my extensions under IIS. I still use it everyday and have been using it for 5 years. It has worked with all versions of IIS and Windows.

What is it?

The ISAPI Extension Debugger Host is an EXE that hosts your ISAPI extension allowing you to debug it with the same ease as debugging a regular EXE. It does not require attaching to IIS, or any special configurations of IIS are necessary. This means when the next version of Windows or IIS comes out, its likely there will be no effects on your ability to debug.

How it works.

A forwarder extension is placed on your web server, the name of this extension is ISAPIFwd.dll. This is the DLL you access through a URL. When your web server calls this dll, the dll sends the request to the host exe named ClientISAPI.exe (over TCP/IP port 14290). The ClientISAPI.exe then calls your ISAPI extension. Any functions called by your extension are transferred back to the ISAPIFwd.dll, the ISAPIFwd.dll calls your web server and sends the response back to the ClientISAPI.exe which is then sent back to your ISAPI Extension. The web server may be remote or local and can be configured so that the web browser does not have to be on the same machine as the Debugger Host.

Installation and Usage.